Why Companies Need Business Systems Analysis

Understanding Business Systems Analysis:


Every company should have a plan for systems analysis. Not only does this ensure everything is running as efficient as possible, but also to evaluate the system itself and see if improvements can or need to be made. There are times when a business needs to go above and beyond the normal evaluations.


  • Your organization is planning for substantial growth. If business operations are ready to pick up in order to increase market share, it makes sense to check all systems so that the plan does not derail. If manufacturing is ready to go, can shipping keep up? Have customers been made aware in advance of changes to come? These are the types of questions that need to be asked.


  • Your organization has received several criticisms or complaints about some of its operations. Even though the complaints focus on one part of the company, the problem may affect other parts, too. A business systems analysis will ensure cohesiveness and consistency.


  • Your organization has been in operation for more than a few years. Although everything seems to be in good working order, it is important to check all systems early in your company’s existence to head off any problems. This way you are sure to keep operations on track with the mission and strategic growth plan. A thorough business systems analysis can help to ensure the business is on track to meet its goals.


  • Your organization has experienced significant changes. Change in, organizational structure, products or services, leadership or employee turnover are reasons to schedule a business systems analysis. It doesn’t take much to throw off a successful routine, and an effective analysis can quickly diagnose potential issues as well as make sure operations that are in top shape. Getting feedback after a major change will help to determine if further changes are needed.


  • Your organization is targeting more of or a new market segment. An increase in marketing or promotion means the entire business system needs to be reevaluated to ensure everything is geared toward the new prospective client base. Questions need to be asked such as, have all marketing materials been updated?  Do specs need to be revised in verbiage better suited to the new market? A business systems analysis will review the overall process to ensure a successful launch into the new sector.


Business system analysis can provide guidance, oversight, and peace to mind. Knowing that the organization is operating efficiently allows the decision makers to continue planning for the future instead of worrying about the present. These are some of the reasons companies and organizations choose to implement a business systems analysis.

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