What Is A Business Analyst

The Business Analyst Explained


Who is the business analyst?

Business analysts today act as a liaison between business people who have a business problem and technology people who can create solutions to those problems. Business analyst are responsible for identify business requirements, needs, developments, and management. Specifically a business analyst can expect to elicit, analyze and validate documents, organize requirements and solve complex business issues for organizations.


What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis are the techniques and tasks used to work among stakeholders in order to understand the policies, operations and structure of an organization. The business analyst then recommends solutions that enable the organization to meet or accomplish these goals. So think of business analysis as the process that a business analyst undertakes to do their jobs.


Why become a business analyst?


  • Low barriers to entry

At the present time business analysts are still in their infentcy as a whole. If you compare it to other professions such as engineer, accountant or architect a business analyst. Professional certifications are not required (yet), but may down the road with the rise of the IIBA (international Institue of Business Analysis).

  • Job Challenges

Business Analysts can expect a demanding career which will utilize many skills. It can be very satisfying but make no mistake a business analyst career is not easy ride.

  • Springboard to other careers

The skills you acquire as a business analyst can be used in many different business roles. Some business analysts decide to change careers and use what they have learned to facilitate that change.

  • Job growth

Companies today are just now realizing how important a business analyst can be to their business. Good business analysts can expect to make well above the median household income throughout the world.

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