Business Analyst Salary Information

Business Analyst Salary


Business Analyst salaries range according to locations, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a business analyst's median pay is just below $80,000/ year in the USA and just above 50,000 EUR / year in the UK.

In certain situations, such as doing consultant or contract work a business analyst can expect to earn well over $100,000/year.

Entry level business analysts with less then one year of experience can expect to earn from $35,000 – $60,000. This again depends upon the location and organization for which you work.

Job growth for business analysts looks good with  22% expected growth till 2020 which will add nearly 157k jobs to the market.

Business Analysts are tasked with finding solutions to complex business problems, and at times can be under a lot of pressure.

Since the position can be of high stress at times and the education required to perform job duties, business analysts make above average incomes in most places throughout the world.

As a business analyst you can expect your salary to increase with completion of the major BA certifications. There are currently two globally recognized certifications for competency in business analysis, which are the CCBA and CBAP exams.


Who Employs Business Analysts?

With so many different types of business analysts out there today its tough to name all the types of employers. Certain industries tend to stand out above the rest when hiring business analysts.

Prominent industries which employ business analysts include healthcare and hospitals, software companies, insurance firms, manufacturing of all kinds and educational institutions.

Insurance and healthcare seem to offer some of the highest starting wages and salary for business analysts.

As a business analyst you can be assured of strong demand in the workplace. There is always demand for individuals who can identify business requirements and craft solutions to these issues so organizations can achieve business goals.

The core of any career is to generate more experience since this way you can test your core competencies and build upon what you have learned.

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