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 Welcome to our ‘more advanced’ Business Analyst Practice Test


We wanted to create this practice exam to help hone your  business analyst skills. This is a more advanced practice exam with questions you would see on the CCBA and CBAP certification exams. Good luck!


More Detailed Business Analyst Training Practice Exam

Any fact that the solution can assume to be true when the use case begins is what?


Business Need, Organizational Process Assets and Expert Judgement are all inputs to plan what?


What is a Stakeholder requirment?


A Solution Requirement is comprised of two types of requirements what are they?


A Use Case is a set of steps, typically defining interactions between a role, True of False


What methodology utilizes a project or product backlog?


A Use Case describes several scenarios in the form of secondary and external flow. True or False?


why would a business analyst review the terms and conditions of a third party vendor?


A Business Analyst is a stakeholder in all business analysis activities?


Closed Surveys are used when?


Business Rules, Quality Standards and Contractual obligations are examples of what?


The definition of a Business Analyst is described as the set of techniques used to work as a liasion among stakeholders in order to understand the structure and operations of an organization to help solve business problems. True or False


What is an ERD?


A set of changes to the current state of an organization that are made in order for the organization to solve a problem, or business need describes what?


The two types of benefits collected in the Define Business Base task are?


Which of the following are software tools a business analyst would use.


An event may only cause a transition when the object is affected by the event in its current state? True or False


What is the difference between a structured walk through and an inspection is an inspection is more formal and uses checklists and other tools. True of False?


What Does UML stand for?


In SWOT analysis, a threat is described as?


A process describes what?


What is the purpose of the Vendor Assessment technique?


In SWOT analysis a “strength” is what?


A Survey can collect information about which of the following?


A State Diagram is used for what?


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