Top Ten Business Analyst Training Skills

Top Ten Business Analyst Training Skills:


Here is our list of top ten skills a Business Analyst should focus on during training.

1.       Communication – When involved in a project you need good communication skills. As a business analyst you will have to effectively communicate with everyone in the organization.

2.       Conceptual Modeling – Strong understanding of concepts or “entities” and the relationships to each other.

3.       Resourceful – Go find the answer you are looking for rather than waiting for them to come to you.  You will have to work through challenging situations to find a solution.

4.       Mentoring- It might not seem like it now, but as your progress in your career, mentoring skills will be key. If you work for larger organizations they will need people who are competent to teach others.

5.       Change- Projects are about change in a business. You need to know what to expect when a business changes. There will be problems that arise and confidence in knowing how to handle them will be paramount.

6.       Patience- When change occurs, some people get defensive. You need to show patience and understand that everyone is on the same team. Things may get heated at times, but it is important to remember you all have the same goal.

7.       Influence- This one is geared to more senior Business Analysts, but it’s a big one. Sometimes organizations need to be told what to do if you have the experience. You have the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

8.       Work for the customer- Always remembers to work for your customers.  You want to deliver successful customer outcome

9.       Facilitator- Today most problems are too hard for one person to solve. You need to be able to facilitate the projects.

10.   Whitebording/Modeling- You can never underestimate the power of the whiteboard.


Regardless of what industry you are in these skills will help you become a better business analyst in the long run.

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