Simple Business Analyst Education Guide

Simple Business Analyst Education Guide


As a business analyst your success will be based on how clear you understand business processes.  Education for a business analyst will focus on helping you grasp the concepts and tools needed to understand and resolve business problems.


Business Analyst Training Courses

Courses for a business analyst are specifically designed to provide you with strategic thinking tools to examine business processes within an organization. These courses teach useful business processes like research, analytics, data modeling along with business skills such as communication and presentation skills.


Critical Thinking Skills

As a business analyst you will be trained on how to ‘think business’. It is essential you possesses the skills such as brainstorming, contract management, and how to develop key business relationships that will help the organization solve its problems.


Many Types of Training Courses

Business Analysts do not rely on just a few fundamental courses to help them understand how to think about a business.

This can encompass a great deal of information from technology to management. Such things as


  • Competitive analysis
  • SWOT or Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • IT courses
  • Six Sigma certifications
  • PESTEL analysis or Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental
  • Management
  • Scenario planning


Analytical Thinking

Being able to think analytically will help solve complex business issues. Being able to think about the big picture and not get sidetracked with narrowing focus. It’s easy to focus on one type of solution, but its best to look at numerous scenarios when solving complex problems.


Giving your organization an edge

What I mean is a good business analyst can set your business apart from the rest. If you are a retail business you can expect other businesses to sell the same or similar products. The difference in success and failure is productivity. A business analyst can help cut out bottlenecks in business processes to improve efficiency. This understanding does not come from simple observation, but through years or training and competent use of business analyst skills.

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