Right way to leave a business analyst position?

Leaving a business analyst position?


This can be a tough subject to some, but it is something that should be mentioned. During your business analyst career there can be times when you may feel it is time to move on from your current position. There are endless reasons why one could want to leave a job from a difference in opinion, not having the support your need or simply want to explore your options. Whatever the reason it is always a good idea to leave on good terms. This can be tough for some especially if the reason for leaving is the person you are telling “I’m leaving” but, it is wise to try and do it professionally.

Put simply you should try to leave with your boss wishing you will come back someday. You have to be gracious and show appreciation even if you’re being ushered out. It is always best to leave an opportunity open then closed. Tell your valued coworkers that you gave your notice and explain how valuable they are. Show respect to your superiors, you may not like them but they did give you your current position. Try to exit without being negative; do not share with others that something needs to be fixed. It is best to be as generic as possible when leaving a position.

It is always wire to not quit a job without having a written offer from another. In this day and age finding a new job can be a daunting and painful task. Whatever the reason make sure it is a good one and be smart about your options going forward. Remember that the grass is not always greener.

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