Project Analyst Resume Example


Project Analyst Resume Example





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Below is an example of a resume for a project analyst. You may use it as a template for your own resume or you can use it to take guidance from.  Here are a few pointers:

  • Keep it simple, but sound professional.

It is important to sound as professional as possible to the person that you are applying for a job with. Using keywords unique to your role will help to gather interest from anyone that is reading your resume.

  • Make yourself sound good

This might seem like a bit of an obvious point, but make the best of your space to write a personal profile and make yourself sound as good as possible.







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Mr P.Analyst

Personal statement


My name is Project Analyst, I studied at TAU (The Analysts University) to achieve a BA with honors in computer science. I have many years of experience in the field of analytical sciences as well as business management. I feel that the skills I have learned in my various roles have all added to the overall quality of the reports and suggestions I produce. I feel that I can confidently identify and supply solutions to a multitude of issues that may occur within any given project.

Using my superior analytical skills I am able to recognize a projects shortcomings, measure its effect on the project and then supply a detailed solution on how to improve productivity. I feel that my experience in customer relations helps me to clearly covey my ideas and solutions to whomever I may be working with.

While working as a project manager I often found that my team were not working as effectively as they could and always sought out to find out how to rectify this. After many months of self-training and testing I found that I had a keen interest in project analytics and now seek employment in the field.

I am currently looking for a suitable role as a project analyst to continue to grow my knowledge and become lead a larger team while working on substantially larger projects.

Outside of work I am a huge sports fan. I enjoy getting together with friends and playing baseball, football and golf. I find that keeping active outside of work keeps me focused and it is a perfect time to think of new ways to improve workflow.

Professional Achievements


University of TAU (the analyst university)

BA (with honors) in computer science (2004)

ACme software co. (Previous employer 2005-2015)

Joined the company as a graduate in 2005. After 3 years as team leader I was starting to fully take on the role of project analyst. After 4 years I was working as department manager. This meant I was working as both a manager and overseer of projects as well as doing deep analysis.

I feel that this is one of my largest achievements to date, since graduating, and massively increased my skills in both project managing and analyzing.



Excellent analytical skills

Experience with a wide range of projects and solution management systems

Expansive knowledge of common software used to track and manage projects.

Naturally inquisitive and eager to seek out solutions to problems

Lengthy experience working with/leading a team of people (10+)

Fantastic team work skills

Can create large and complex Gantt charts to effectively manage time in large or small projects

Work History



March 2005 – January 2015

Unit tester, Test Analyst, Team Leader, Department Manager

MOFC Testing

April 2003 – Ongoing

MOFC Testing is my own company, Started during university to learn more about being a unit tester. This is a side venture that I use to broaden my general set of skills



TAU (The analyst university)

BA (with honors): Computer Science
GPA: 5.0 – Deans list every semester

Over the time I spent studying, I learnt all of the skills required to become a qualified tester while also developing my own highly profitable business and getting a head start in the industry.



Available on request



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