Operations Analyst Resume Example

Operations Analyst Resume Example




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Below is an example of a resume for an operations analyst. You may use it as a template for your own resume or you can use it to take guidance from.  Here are a few pointers:

  • Keep it simple, but sound professional.

It is important to sound as professional as possible to the person that you are applying for a job with. Using keywords unique to your role will help to gather interest from anyone that is reading your resume.

  • Make yourself sound good

This might seem like a bit of an obvious point, but make the best of your space to write a personal profile and make yourself sound as good as possible.





112 Ariel Street

TX, 12345

06541221465 | mywebsite.com


Mr o.Analyst

Personal statement


My name is Operations Analyst, I studied at TAU (The Analysts University) to achieve a BA with honors in business systems. I have expansive knowledge and experience with monitoring and managing risk and creating reports and archives of trades.

I have advanced analytical skills, I am able to compare multiple sets of data to reinforce trends that can be seen through the data sets. I can then take this data and compile reports that accurately show transaction details, While also plotting graphs and plans to visually aid the process.

I have had one year of work experience out of college but I find that during this year my skills have grown exponentially and I am able to tackle tasks that more senior members of staff may even struggle with.

I am currently looking for a suitable role as an operations analyst to continue to grow my knowledge and become part of a larger team.

Outside of work I am a huge sports fan. I enjoy getting together with friends and playing baseball, football and golf. I find that keeping active outside of work keeps me focused and it is a perfect time to think of new ways to improve workflow.

Professional Achievements


University of TAU (The analyst university)

BA (with honors) in business systems (2013)

ACme software co. (Previous employer 2014-2015)

I joined this company in 2014 as an unpaid intern. After two months the company recognized my level of skill and took me on as a fully paid employee. After just six months I was leader of a small team and managed to effectively change the structure of how the company operates as well as doing the same for hundreds of clients.



Excellent analytical skills

Experience with a wide range of reporting techniques

Expansive knowledge of marketing applications

Naturally inquisitive and eager to seek out solutions to problems

Lengthy experience working with/leading a team of people (10+)

Fantastic team work skills

Work History



Jan 2014 – January 2015

Operations Analyst, Team Leader, Department Manager




TAU (The analyst university)

BA (with honors): Business systems
GPA: 5.0 – Deans list every semester

Over the time I spent studying, I learnt all of the skills required to become a qualified analyst.



Available on request



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