More Business Analyst Training Questions

More Business Analyst Training Questions:


Difference between Business Analysis and Business Process Analysis?


In this case business analysis is the process of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems.  In layman’s terms it is like a step by step method to spot or recognize the problems of a business or gather the requirements according to the will of the stakeholders. Then according to the stakeholders will work towards a solution. This can be a new solution or an idea implementation for a new business.

Business process analysis comes into the play when there is an existing business model or practice. So business process analysis is the reviewing of existing business practices and changing these practices so that they fit a new and improved process. Mostly this is done to make a company/organization


1. Remain efficient
2. Streamline the work flow
3. Grow more effectively

Their duties are closely matched when it comes to requirement gathering to either develop or enhance an application vs. a business process. Although the job description and responsibilities may be different for each position; the same competencies apply for both positions in terms of understanding the business and the company’s needs to effectively collect the.

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