Modern Business Analyst Training Questions

Modern Business Analyst Test Questions and Answers:


  1. Given the rise of standardized global systems (SAP) or similar, are business analyst roles changing?

Answer:  It seems that standardization has only happened in certain industries like logistics and manufacturing. Other areas which are based on the creative economy, its difficult to have standardized processes.

   2.       What is the best business process modeling tool?

Answer:  There are many great tools used for modeling but if you take cost into account there are a few. The Enterprise Architect or EA software from Sparx Systems which does both modeling and drawing.

  3.       Are Business Analysts truly agents of change?

Answer: The business analyst does instigate the need for change by pointing out where the problem areas are and where the business can be improved.

  4.       Is a Use Case a technology or methodology?

Answer: Methodology. Use Cases are used for data mapping and planning.

  5.       Best software Diagram tool?

Answer: Most Business Analysts use Visio for Diagramming. It’s easy and very useful.


These are just a small fraction of the new questions that arise during business analyst training and even for experienced business analyst. You can get a sense of what kind of things business analysts have to think about day to day. Training to become a business analyst and being about to answer these questions is a sign of a good BA.




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