Junior Business Analyst Training And Info!

What is a Junior Business Analyst?


A junior business analyst will serve mostly the same functions as a senior business analyst although some aspects of the job may be less demanding. A junior business analyst may work on his or her own or as an assistant to a senior analyst. Many times in larger companies a junior business analyst will act as a liaison between the organizations they work for and outside vendors. As companies change to better meet growing needs junior business analysts analyze and asses any business problems.

Specific job duties can vary depending on industry and company, and some may offer specific positions within the business analysis field. It is important to fully understand the position requirements and also any laws of the local government related to the industry. Some business analysts study business law for this reason.

For the most part, employers will look for at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school or equivalent work experience. As most business analysts can attest there is no one path to landing your first position. Some come from technology, finance, law and business backgrounds. A firm understanding of the business needs and some industry knowledge are the minimum requirements for hire.


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