How does a Business Analyst use a Use Case?

What are a Use Case Model and Activity Diagram?


In Business a Use Case is a list of steps, usually defining interactions between a role or “actor” in the Business Analyst world, and a system to accomplish a goal. The “actor” can be a person or an external system. In systems analysis use cases are used at a higher level than with software engineering.


A full dressed use case template would be as follows:

  • ·         Primary actor


  • ·         End goal


  • ·         Scope


  • ·         Level


  • ·         Interests and shareholders


  • ·         Precondition


  • ·         Success Guarantees


  • ·         TriggersUse_case_restaurant_model.svg


  • ·         Main Success Plan


  • ·         Extensions


  • ·         Data and Technology list


  • ·         Related Info



A casual Use Case structure would be:


  • ·         Goal


  • ·         Primary Actor


  • ·         Scope


  • ·         Level




  •   Use Cases are a starting point.


  •    Can be over-emphasized


  •    Complex to write and understand


  •    Templates do not insure clarity


        Use Cases again do have limitations, apart from its use. They do allow easy capture of requirements in a non-interaction system, such as in software or math demands. Also they don't perform well with non-functional systems like performance,platform or critical safety. It really boils down to the skill of the person writing the use case. If the person who is writing it understand clearly what they are trying to accomplish they whole process will be much smoother.



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