Business Systems Analyst

Business Systems Analyst Training:

business systems analyst training is different from traditional business analyst training. A business systems analyst's focus is on the I.T systems within an organization. They work with both business analysts and the I.T teams to better utilize the technology a company uses. They may design new ways to use system hardware and software to accomplish business goals.

As a business systems analyst you will focus more on the technical side of things then the standard business analyst. Training to become a business systems analyst should begin with understanding software and computer networks. It is also wise to have a good understanding of how software is written and the life cycle associated with writing programs. In some cases  the business systems analyst  will act as a liasion between the I.T team and formal business analysts. Some task a business systems analyst is asked to perform are.

  • Develop diagrams and charts for programmers to follow.
  • Oversee the implementation of new hardware and software solutions
  • Use technology to solve complex business problems
  • Design a new system to meet company needs
  • Consult with management and business analysts to determine needs

For company's looking to hire a business systems analyst you can expect find that most require a bachelors degree. These positions need a deep understanding of technology and advanced education is usually what most look for. You should expect to have an understanding of how to use different business analyst software tools such as Visio and understand how to write and read technical diagrams.

A business systems analyst can take training courses on specific topics related to the industry such as.

  • Networkingbusiness analyst learning
  • Programming
  • Statistics
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software


You can see how these training courses vary someone what from traditional business analyst training. The roles are similar in scope but the skills required are a bit different.

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