Business Analyst Software Training

Business Analyst Software Training – What To Study?

When it comes to business analyst training, there are certain types of software analysts can use to help aid them with their jobs. Some of these programs may be familiar to you, and some may not.  If you are not familiar with any of the following maybe check them out to gain a better understanding of how each can help you as a business analyst.



What type of software does a business analyst use?


          MS WORD

Purpose: Functional Specifications, Vision Documents, Business Case

          MS VISIO:

Purpose: Visio is a great tool for diagramming. Process modeling, Use Case modeling, Domain Modeling, Database Modeling, ERD

          MS Excel

Purpose: Great Spreadsheet tool. Used for Capacity planning, Data Analysis, Traceability

          MS PowerPoint

Purpose: Used to present problem statements and solutions.

          Visual Studio

Purpose: Prototype’s, User Interface design, Code Changes


Purpose: Software tool that lets users communicate over the internet in real time with video, audio and text. It is a great tool for holding remote meetings.


There are other types of software tools for business analysts to use. These are our ideas on the ones we think are best for the purposes above.  It is important to also note, these tools can also be used for more than the purpose above and some of software can perform the same function.

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