Business Analyst Resume Training Tricks/Tips

Business Analyst Resume Tips and Tricks


To write an effective business analyst resume, we need to understand the skills required for this job. Some of the skills are stated below:


1. Good at analysis of data collected through survey, and internal data to come up with strategies and solutions for the business.
2. Should possess exceptionally good logical and analytical skills along with strong business intelligence and expertise in the particular field.
3. Effective communication skills along with good listening skills, so that the goals and problems of different departments are understood well.
4. Ability to put forth his/her ideas and strategies in such a way that the management and stakeholders agree to it.


These however are just a few skills, although it gives you an idea that the person should be an expert in his/her field and should be highly analytical. Keeping this in mind, you need to draft a resume that smartly puts forth all the skills, and portrays your expertise. Since this position requires an experienced candidate, you will have loads of information to convey to the employer. Thus, jot down your projects or tasks wherein you made the best use of your expertise. Other information that you would need to write an effective resume would be:


  • Academic details
  • Work Experience details
  • A summary of skillsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Once you have jotted down all the details on a piece of paper, you can proceed towards writing your professional business analyst resume sample.

Refer to some of the resume samples available online. This will help you prepare your resume template. You can prepare your own unique template, or use 2-3 templates and make your own unique template, picking up the best from all. Alternatively, you can use the template as it is. This template will give you the basic structure of your resume.

Once you finalize your template, you then need to jot down the contents of the resume. As per the template, you need to check whether you have all the details with you. If you have all the details, start placing it in the template. A generalized way of writing your resume will be as follows:



The header of your resume will consist of your name, email address, contact number and postal address. Any special degree that confers a title upon you, can be placed next to your name, for example, Joy Gio, CS (CS stands for Company Secretary, a special degree)

This header can be aligned to the left, however, a center alignment is preferred. It can be easily noticed.


Career Objective:

A Business Analyst is a very skilled, analytical and experienced person. The career objective should reflect this. Writing a simple career objective like ” I Wish to enhance my skills and abilities and grow with the organization” would not be very effective. Refer to some good career objectives and jot down yours carefully.


Work Experience:

Since this person would have loads of experience, this section will come first, unlike the academic details in a newer resume. Write a summary of your total years of experience and mention some specific projects or tasks you accomplished successfully for your employers.


Academic Details:

Give a brief introduction of your education, beginning from the latest.



List your workplace achievements as well as your academic achievements. Workplace achievements being more important for you, list it carefully.


Skills and abilities:

List down your skills and abilities pertaining to your job profile.


With these attention points accounted for coming up with a quality resume should be easier. A resume is an extension of yourself and with these tips you can put together a quality Business Analyst resume. You can also, check out our example pages for a real world business analyst resume. These can be used as templates to base your resume on, check them out here.

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