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Manage Your Online Profiles In Preparation For A Business Analyst Position


Ever day companies are using the internet to get a feel for how a potential employee is like. They are looking for things that they can not find out during an interview. They want to know if you have a habit of calling out when you aren't, if you do drugs, what your attitude is like, and more. And thanks to the internet and social networks they can find more information then you can imagine.

So how do you manage that?

First, you must make sure that any social site are either private. You can make your Facebook Settings private by going to you Account Settings and Privacy Settings Set up everything for "Friends only". That is a good start. You can make Twitter and other social networking site private as well. Set them up so that your account is locked and visible only to those that you approve to follow you.

This however, is not a foolproof way to manage your accounts. Unless you keep people who follow you to ONLY the people you trust, there is always the chance that the person whose friend request you accepted is somehow related to the person considering hiring you.

The BEST way to manage your social media profiles is just to not put anything out there that would prevent you from getting the job. We all have different scales for what is appropriate and what is not. Some tips are no pictures of drinking or illegal activity. Keep track of who is adding pictures of you. If someone adds a picture of you that you think could be offensive, you can take it down. These same rules apply to comments you make on others profiles or forums.

Always be aware of what is being said about you online. You can use different services to keep track of when your name comes up. Google Alert is one such product. Today we all have online reputations , just make sure yours is a good one!


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