Business Analyst Career Path

Business Analyst Career Path:


Training to become a business analyst or any “analyst” for that matter is a rewarding process. Although the process may not always be easy, it is definitely rewarding. When training to become a business analyst you may ask the question of career path.  Career progression and job title can really depend on how the company defines its roles. You should follow the path that interests you. Sometimes this means changing companies to better understand the area of interest. 


Within the scope of a “business analyst” job title you could expect to be a product manager, business analyst, senior manager, or senior business analyst. There are other titles but those are just some that organizations have defined.  The certification’s for a business analyst the CCBA and CBAP are not equivalent to the I.T certifications like Cisco's CCNA or Microsoft Certifications. The education requirements differ in that for business analyst certifications you need a number of professional development units. These units can be through college courses, professional classroom training, online training ect.



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