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Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is simply a problem solver. They are a consultant in a sense, providing analysis to an organization or business domain (real or hypothetical) and documents its business or processes systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology. Looking for ways to improve these processes to make the business operate move efficiently.


Business Analyst Job Description

The job description for a business analyst will vary depending on which industry you work in.

For example, an business analyst working in the IT field may be expected to know how to read, understand, or write software code. This may be a vast difference from a business analyst working in the energy sector.

Typically, however, there are certain universal traits a business analyst must posses.

  • Determine Requirements of a project
  • Communicate with Stakeholders
  • Eliciting requirements
  • Requirement analysis
  • Project Planning



As mentioned before, jobs in the field of business analysis are in high demand. If you meet the minimum qualifications and completed proper coursework and training, you have an excellent chance of being hired.

Regardless of industry, both private and public companies are seeking those skilled in business analysis.

As a business analyst, you can expect to be compensated above the national average. This is true throughout the world, as business analysts are vital to company success.






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